Reporting EmbracePlus hardware issues


If you are a Participant of a Study, contact your Administrator to report the EmbracePlus hardware issue.


If you find any hardware or physical damage on the EmbracePlus and its charger, please fill the form at this link and provide the Empatica Support Team with the following information:

  • Serial Number of EmbracePlus 
    • The Serial Number can be found on the box or on the bottom of the pod case starting with ‘S/N’.

  • Participant ID
  • Description of the issue (e.g. EmbracePlus has a broken display, damaged band, side button not working, etc.) and/or description of the event (e.g. EmbracePlus fell on a hard surface, the charger cracked open, etc.)
  • Picture of the physical damage


The Empatica Support Team will provide instructions on further tests (if needed) or will proceed with instructions on returning the device.