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Use E4 in Memory Mode to record and store data locally (FW

Please be aware that the LED behavior in this article applies only to firmware and below. Please refer to this article for firmware and above.


Using the E4 in recording mode allows you to record the data in its flash memory.

While the E4 is in recording mode, up to 60 hours of data can be stored in the device's flash memory.

Data remains on the device until a USB connection is made to a Mac or Windows PC running E4 manager Software. E4 manager
transfers recorded sessions to your PC’s storage, clears the E4’s memory and syncs the clock. If an internet connection is present it also uploads session data to E4 connect servers for processing, visualization, and retrieval.

Signal Recording with the E4 Wristband

  1. Power ON the E4 when the device is powered off a 2-sec button press will power it on. The LED light will start to flash green.
  2. Wait for the recording to begin the LED indicator light will flash green for 60 seconds, then flash red light to indicate that recording has started.
  3. Tag an event tap the button (< 1 sec) while streaming to tag an event. You will see the LED indicator turn red for three seconds, then turn black again.
  4. End session a 2-sec button press powers the E4 off ending the recording and marking an end of the session-file for the data record. When you end the session, the LED light will pulse red for one second before powering off.


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