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Monitoring Subject Compliance

One of the features of the Empatica Research Portal is to provide you and your collaborators with a tool to  monitor your subjects’ compliance. 


Monitoring compliance can help you understand if study participants are effectively wearing their Embrace2 and transmitting data, facilitating the early detection of possible issues and allowing you to intervene in a timely manner.


Compliance data at a glance

The easiest way to quickly check compliance is from the Study and Site pages, where a list of all the subjects is provided.


In the subject list, you can readily view the subject’s latest data upload and the last 7 days compliance


  • Latest data upload indicates the last time the subject uploaded data to the Research Portal. This information can be helpful in understanding if the watch is transmitting data properly.

  • Last 7 days compliance includes a small summary chart of the percentage of time the watch has been worn correctly by the subject during the previous 7 days. In the chart, the maximum value is 100% (top line), and the lowest is 0% (bottom line). The middle line indicates a 50% compliance value. The number displayed next to the chart indicates the average compliance (device worn correctly) during the past 7 days.





By using filters, you can search for subjects by their average compliance, Embrace synchronization date, enrollment date, and the subject status. In detail:

  • Last 7 days compliance allows you to filter subjects by brackets of compliance: 0-30%, 30-50% 50-80% or over 80%. Please note that the values refer to on-wrist worn correctly compliance only.

  • Embrace synchronization date allows you to filter subjects who haven't uploaded any data at all, and subjects who did and did not upload data in the last 24 hours, week, or month.

  • If you are searching subjects by the Enrollment date, you can filter them by the last 24 hours, week, or month.

  • Subjects can also be filtered by their enrollment status (Screening, Active, Early Term, Completed).


You can refine your search by clicking on Filters and the individual drop-down menus.





You can also sort subjects in the table by clicking on the column headers (Unique Identifier, Enrollment Date, Latest data upload, or Last 7 day compliance).




Subject’s compliance data in detail

If you would like to delve into an individual subject’s compliance data, the Subject Page can provide a more in-depth view. Specifically, you can check the subject’s device usage data and their event logging compliance.

You can access the Subject Page by clicking on a specific subject from the Study or Site pages.


Device usage data

The column chart shows the device’s daily usage status. You can choose to view a period by the last 30 days or by month.




By hovering over the different colored columns, you will see in detail the date and percentage (of each 24h-day) of a specific status. The different states include:

    • Worn correctly and transmitted data
    • Worn too loose and transmitted data
    • Charging
    • No data recorded or not worn



Remember that Embrace2 should be worn snugly, but not too tight. The device should stay in place while moving the wrist, and the sensors on the back should be in constant contact with the skin.


Note: If the subject used more than one device throughout the duration of the study, you can also view the compliance for the particular device by clicking the device dropdown menu.


Event logging compliance

Depending on the study (Seizure, Autonomic Arousal, or Custom), the Events Calendar allows you to view the number of events that the subjects have logged for the present month. Hover over a day and you will see the number recorded for that day. 




By clicking on “View Full Event List”, you can view and print the full list of events per month since the start of the enrollment date.








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