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E4 data - BVP/PPG sensor test

To verify if your PPG sensor is working properly, please proceed with the following steps:
Before you start, please reassure that your E4 is charged and the firmware is up to date and you have the latest version of E4 Manager.

  1. Remove the E4 from the charging cradle and place it on your wrist. The E4 should look like the picture below:
  2. Turn it on by pressing the button for 1-2 seconds
  3. The LED on the front of the wristband will flash light blue for around 40s and a steady red light will illuminate to indicate that recording has started (fw flash green for around 30s and then will flash red for a short while). This means the E4 is in “Memory mode” and it will start recording data using its sensors.
  4. At this point, the red and green LED on the back of the device should light up, however, no light should escape from the skin because the device should be pressed firmly against it.
  5. Try to remain as still as possible for at least 2 minutes because any movements can affect the measurements. These artifacts are acceptable in a normal environment but for testing purposes, we should have the cleanest signals possible.
  6. When 2 minutes have passed, simply turn off the device by pressing the button for 2- 4 seconds. Please be aware that:
    1. If pressed for less than 2 secs the E4 will place a tag and a red LED will flash once.
    2. If pressed for more than 4 seconds the E4 could enter in “Reset Mode. You will notice this because the LED will turn a solid white.
  7. With the E4 turned off, connect it to the charger and then to the computer.
  8. Open the E4 Manager, and simply wait for the device to synchronize.
  9. Click on View Sessions located on the bottom right of the E4 Manager interface.
  10. Write down the Session ID of the last session recorded and send it to our support team at

Results of the tests

You can compare the results of your tests, by checking an example of bad and good outputs, respectively at E4 data - BVP potential issues and at E4 data - BVP expected signal link.


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