Transferring data from the Mate App


Data from the Mate App is automatically uploaded to Empatica’s servers via a stable internet connection. When you see that no data has been uploaded to the Research Portal, check with the subject to see if their Embrace2 is connected to the phone/iPod via Bluetooth and that they are connected to the internet.


You can find information on the data that is stored in the Embrace’s memory, and on the app, by clicking on the Embrace icon on the top right corner of the Mate App.  



Ideally, Embrace Memory should be 100% free, and Data Stored in App at 0 kB - Nothing to upload. Otherwise, there is data that needs to be transferred. To upload, Embrace2 must be connected to the subject’s phone via Bluetooth, and the phone must have a stable internet connection.


Please note that it can take up to 2 hours to transfer all the data from Embrace to the smartphone. For a detailed guide on how to free up Embrace memory space, please see: Yellow Cross/ Memory Full.

If the Internet connection is active, and you still do not see data, you can ask the subject to force close the app and relaunch it again. You can find instructions to force close the app here: iOS and Android.

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