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Embrace2 for Research

Embrace2 for Research is a reliable, non-invasive system, created for researchers by researchers. With Empatica’s Research Portal, you will have access to a multi-site clinical trial management platform, making real world data gathering simple for subjects and accessible for investigators.



The ecosystem is twofold: on one side, there are the subjects who are wearing the Embrace2 that continuously sends physiological data through bluetooth to a paired app; and on the other side, researchers access this very data from the Research Portal.


Researchers and site staff will have their own back office to enroll subjects, check the data, ensure compliance, and intervene when necessary.


Subjects will be wearing the Embrace2 and using the Mate App to continuously collect their physiological data. The Embrace2 is a medical device, but at the same time, works like any consumer wearable device, making data collection and subject compliance easier to manage. The Mate App allows your subjects to keep an accurate diary of their events and provides rest and physical activity tracking. This can help your subjects be more engaged in the study, increasing their compliance.  


Study Types and Ontology

The Research Portal is the web dashboard that allows your research teams to manage investigations. It provides different levels of information for your research team members. You can manage your organization, conduct multiple studies, and run several sites, all within the same platform.  Whether your study is centered on seizures, autonomic arousal events, or generic physiological data acquisition, Empatica offers a flexible solution that can be adapted to many different types of studies.


Data Analysis

You can access and download raw sensor data and summary data directly from the Research Portal. Moreover, you can download all the events recorded by your subjects, giving you important contextual information. This allows research teams to check the relevant raw data for patterns and further analysis.

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