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What do I do when I see the subject hasn't uploaded any data?

The Research Portal allows you to monitor subject compliance data. If you see that a particular subject hasn’t uploaded data in the site or subject views, it could mean that either:


  • The subject hasn't worn the Embrace watch on that day.
  • The subject has worn the watch, but hasn't uploaded any data.


If the subject confirms they have worn Embrace on the date when the Research Portal shows no data, ask them to check whether:  

  • Embrace memory is full. To check this, open the Mate App > Embrace Icon on top right > My Embrace page > Embrace Data > Embrace Memory

If the memory is less than 100% free, the subject will need to keep Embrace close to the paired phone and make sure they are connected via Bluetooth. Data will automatically be transferred from Embrace to the phone.


  •  Unsynchronized data is stored on the paired phone. To check this, open the  Mate App > Embrace Icon on top right > My Embrace page > Embrace Data > Data Stored in App.

The number next to Data Stored in App refers to the data that hasn't been transferred to our servers yet. Data transfer is automatic when the phone has a stable internet connection.


You can find detailed instructions about data transfer here: Transferring data from the Mate App

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