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Transferring a used Embrace2 to a new Subject

Embrace2 is optimized for long-term monitoring of research participants in an outpatient setting. After completing or early-terming a participant, you can re-use Embrace2 for other research participants, but make sure to follow the steps below before switching users:

  1. Make sure that the subject has uploaded all the data before marking the outgoing subject as Early Term or Complete on the Research Portal. Please find detailed steps on how to end the study for a subject here: Ending the Study for a Subject
  2. Make sure that the Embrace2 has been disinfected. Accessory bands can also be purchased from the Empatica Online Store.
  3. Create a new Subject on the Research Portal, generate a new password for the incoming subject, and log them into the Mate app.
  4. Pair Embrace2 following the in-app instructions.

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