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Purchasing Embrace2 and/or subscriptions for a client

Thank you for your generosity. Your support helps further our mission of getting Embrace into the hands of the people that need it most.


A) If you would like to purchase the Embrace and the subscription plan for someone, please follow these steps:

  1. Purchase the Embrace directly from our Online Store using your email address.

  2. Shortly after the purchase, you will receive the account creation link in your inbox.
    Please open the link.

  3. Register using your own email address. Enter the user's information in the other fields.

  4. Enter the billing details (don't worry, we will delete these later).

  5. Once the account creation has been completed, upload the prescription: log in to the account then go to Account >> Orders. Click on the link under the order and make sure to enter the patient's information.

  6. Write to us at with:

a) the Annual subscription plan you would like us to activate. We will charge the card on file and then delete the billing details from the account.
b) the user's email address


At this point, we will transfer the ownership of the account to the client. After the transferral is completed, the end user would have to reset the password and verify their email address.


B ) If you would like to only purchase the Embrace for someone, please refer to the following steps:

  1. Purchase Embrace through our Online Store, entering the end user’s email address(Your billing details will not be saved in their account)

  2. The end user receives the order confirmation and account creation email 

  3. The end user creates the profile. They will now be the owner of the account 

  4. The end user uploads the prescription and pairs the watch


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