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Uploading your prescription for Embrace2

If you have purchased an Embrace2 within the United States territories, you will be required to upload a valid prescription from your doctor. Here we will explain how to do this in 7 simple steps.   


How to upload your prescription

After you have placed the order, you will receive an email with the link to set up your Empatica Account.  


After creating the Empatica account, you can then upload your prescription following these steps:

  1.  Log in to your account.

  2.  Go to the Account section on the top bar.

  3.  In the Orders section, you will see your order number and underneath a message that says Prescription Required. Click on this message and it will take you to the orders page.

  4.  Scroll down to Prescription and click on Upload a prescription for your Embrace.

  5.  Fill in the form with the required information and upload your prescription file (10MB max).

  6.  Please make sure that the information you have entered matches the information on the prescription.

  7.  Click on Submit.



Please make sure that the information you enter in the required fields matches what is on the prescription. For example, if Embrace is intended for someone else, the information you enter should reflect this person, not yourself.


What do I do if my prescription was not approved?

If your prescription was not approved, you will be notified via email with the rejection reasons. You can then make the necessary changes and upload it again. 

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