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Prescription necessary for Embrace2 in the US

Customers who purchase and use the Embrace2 within the US territories will be required to upload a valid prescription issued by a US doctor or healthcare practitioner before Embrace2 can be shipped to them.


In order to make the process smoother for you, we have created a prescription template for you to share with your doctor. All they have to do is fill out this form.


Please note that if you are buying an Embrace2 in the US for someone who resides outside the US, you will still be required to submit the prescription for the user.


Why is a prescription necessary?

Embrace2 is an FDA-cleared medical device so it is necessary that your doctor, who understands your medical history and seizure types, agrees that it is suitable for you. Your doctor can learn more about Embrace on our dedicated doctors' page.


If you live outside the US and the shipping address of Embrace2 is outside of the US, you do not need to submit a prescription. Once you placed the order, we will ship the device within 5 business days. 


What must be included in the prescription?

In order to make the process smoother for you, we have created a prescription template for you to share with your doctor. All they have to do is fill out this form


Before submitting the prescription, please make sure that it meets the following FDA prescription requirements:

  • National Provider Identifier Number (NPI) of the healthcare practitioner who issued the prescription. 

  • Full name of the healthcare practitioner.

  • Address of the healthcare practitioner.

  • "Embrace2" listed as the prescribed item.

  • Patient's full name.

  • Patient's date of birth.

  • Doctor's signature (hand-written or digital - note that a time stamp is necessary for digital signatures).

  • Date of issue.


**All of the above must be indicated on the prescription for it to be considered valid.**



Please make sure that your doctor fills in the prescription with all of the requirements above. The NPI number is not substitutable for the license number or DEA number, so please make sure to ask your doctor specifically for that. The NPI number is a 10-digit unique identifier that all covered healthcare providers must have. 


In addition, please make sure the prescription is legible.


For more information on how to upload your prescription, please see Uploading your prescription for Embrace2.



Embrace is a prescription-only device that is indicated for use as an adjunct to seizure monitoring of adults and children ages 6 and up in home or healthcare facilities during periods of rest.


Due to the FDA regulations, please note that Embrace should be used for one patient only. It is not intended to be shared with, sold to, or transferred to another person. For more information, please refer to the FDA Clearance Summary. 

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