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GDPR FAQs for Researchers with E4

I am a researcher, how does GDPR apply to me?
We are fully compliant with GDPR requirements.

Subject data is already de-identified and cannot be linked back to the individual. You can request that we delete your Connect account, disassociating your email and personal information from the sessions you’ve uploaded.

The data housed in E4 connect is protected by some of the most stringent data protection measures.

I'm a researcher based in the US, does GDPR apply to me and my studies?
We're extending our new GDPR measures to all of our customers, regardless of whether they are in the EU or not. This means that US researchers can also opt-in and out of which communications they receive from us. Researchers in the US will also be able to request the removal of their E4 connect account.

How can I ensure privacy of the subjects in my study?
We do not receive any personal information (name, age, gender, height, weight) on the subjects in your study, therefore it is impossible to identify any of the subjects. We solely ask that you do not share any subject information with us.

What rights do I have as a researcher?
You have the right to know how we manage and store your data. In addition, you can request that we send you the personal information you've shared with us, and that we close your account. You can email for these requests.


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