The importance of being a caregiver



Being a Caregiver is really important as you will be the person responsible for providing assistance when a seizure occurs. We highly encourage you to set up an emergency action plan with the user so you can efficiently assist them. If you choose not to accept this responsibility, please reach out to them asking to be removed from the Alert App.


Embrace is a smartwatch that detects unusual patterns that are associated with tonic-clonic seizures and monitors physical activity and sleep. When the Embrace detects the unusual event, it sends an Alert in the form of a call and SMS to the user’s Caregivers.


For more information on this process, please read this article: How Embrace works



Receiving Alerts

You will receive an automated call and SMS when Embrace detects the unusual pattern associated with tonic-clonic seizures. If you only receive the text or only receive the call, please let the user know so they can reach out to us to resolve the problem.


False Alarms

Some activities such as riding a bike on a bumpy road, chopping vegetables, or brushing teeth, resemble the movement signature of a seizure, and can trigger false alarms. If the user doesn’t cancel false alarms on time, you will receive an automated call and SMS.

The user can also notify you through the Alert App to let you know it wasn't a seizure.

To reduce the number of false alarms, we suggest wearing Embrace on the non-dominant wrist, as long as convulsive movement is generated there.


Added as a Caregiver by mistake

If you don't know the user that has added you, or feel you've been added by mistake, just email us at Please include your phone number in the email. 





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