Embrace disconnections


Embrace needs to be connected via Bluetooth to a dedicated smartphone that is always with the wearer.

There are the three main reasons for disconnections:

  • Your Embrace is out of range from your paired phone
  • Some interference is obstructing the Bluetooth connection
  • The Alert App is installed on more than one phone


Embrace out of range

If the distance between Embrace and the paired smartphone is more than 30ft/10m the Bluetooth connection will be lost. Moving the smartphone and the Embrace closer together will automatically solve the issue, they will reconnect.

(Some users might find it tricky to keep the Embrace watch within the Bluetooth range of the paired smartphone, especially if the Embrace user is a young kid. In this case, we suggest using a running belt to keep the smartphone, to make sure that the two devices are always in range. )


Bluetooth Interference

Bluetooth is a popular wireless connection. Just like radio signals and wifi, it is possible that the signal is obstructed. For example, thick concrete walls, large furniture or thick pillows can block the signal. In general, always try to keep the smartphone as close by as possible,  within a direct line of sight to the Embrace.


Alert installed on more than one smartphone

The Alert App should only be installed on one smartphone at a time. Having the app on two different phones, especially when the phones are within the same area, could lead to frequent disconnections. If you want to pair your Embrace to a new smartphone, please follow this guide on how to do so: Pairing Embrace with a different smartphone.


If Embrace detects a seizure while disconnected and reconnects within 1 minute, the alert will still be sent.


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