How can I pair my Embrace with a different smartphone?


You can easily unpair (disconnect) Embrace from the smartphone you initially paired it with and pair Embrace with a different one.

  1. As first step forget (unpair) Embrace from the bluetooth settings of your phone (iOS devices, Android devices). Before pairing it with the new device make sure to disable the Bluetooth connection and log out from the Alert app on the previously paired phone.
  2. Download the Alert app on the other smartphone, sign in with the same email address and password and pair your Embrace with the new smartphone by going to  Alert app>>More>>Settings>>Restore pairing.


Please bear in mind that the Alert app should only be downloaded to one smartphone at a time. Having the app on two different phones, especially when the phones are within the same area could lead to frequent disconnections. We would therefore recommend that you keep one dedicated phone and only pair with a different one if you decide to change the original phone.

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