My Embrace watch isn’t charging



If your Embrace isn’t charging (you don’t see orange LED lights gradually filling the Embrace surface while connected to the charger):

  • Make sure that the electrodes fit properly into the dents on the charging dock
  • Make sure that both hearts match (heart on Embrace and heart on charger)
  • If you’re charging Embrace through a laptop, make sure it’s connected to the external power source.
  • Try a different USB cable (any standard USB cable is fine)
  • Try a different power source, as Embrace can be a bit picky at times.
  • Let Embrace battery drain fully and connect it to the charger - check if you can see a white circle on Embrace surface in a few seconds (indicating a reboot and beginning of charging) 

If none of the above works, contact our support team at to get further assistance.


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