Embrace battery life


When fully charged, your Embrace watch battery will last around 24 to 30 hours. Embrace2 has a superior battery life which provides 48+ hours of endurance.

For the best long-term battery performance, we suggest charging Embrace for 2 hours daily, and Embrace 2 for at least half an hour each day. We also suggest charging the Embrace watch when there’s someone around, so that you’re covered for the time when you’re not wearing it. For more information read: Charging Embrace

You can check the battery level of your Embrace on the status page of the Alert App. When the Embrace battery is low you will receive a notification on the paired smartphone and your Embrace will start blinking an orange light. Embrace battery level statuses correspond to the following number of hours of battery life left:


For the original version of Embrace:

- Full (30–25 hours)

- High (25–18 hours)

- Medium (18–10 hours)

- Low (10 to 1 hour)

- Charge now (1 hour or less)


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