Allergic reactions to Embrace


Embrace is made of the highest quality of hypoallergenic materials, therefore it's very unlikely that you'll develop an allergic reaction from it. However, if you are allergic to the following materials, we don't recommend wearing it:

Top Cover

Anodized aluminum

Polycarbonate (PC) light pipe


Bottom cover

Polycarbonate (PC) base

SUS316L electrodes (contains some nickel, but has been tested to ensure it is below the safe limit for watches and jewelry)

XM7 screws


Band Frame

Aluminum, nickel-free chrome plated


Stretchable Band

Polyester: 80%

Polyurethane: 20%

Aluminium, nickel-free chrome plated buckle


Embrace should only be worn on the surface of healthy skin. We advise that you suspend or discontinue use if the skin becomes red, itchy or if any pain is felt.  

Without regular cleaning, skin irritation is more likely to occur, so please make sure to clean Embrace regularly. 

Contact our support team ( with a photo of the irritation if it doesn't go away in a few days.

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