What does the Alert app do?


The main function of the Alert app is to notify caregivers when their loved one has experienced a convulsive seizure. The Embrace detects changes in physiological signals and autonomic activation and sends out an alert to caregivers through phone call/SMS, so that the wearer of the Embrace can get the needed help at the right time.

The person wearing the Embrace must always keep their paired mobile device (with Bluetooth and Internet connection) nearby so that the app can properly transmit notifications (see How does the Embrace Work for more information.)

You can DOWNLOAD the Alert app and:

- Pair your Embrace with your phone via Bluetooth. See How Can I Setup My Embrace Watch



- Check the connection status of your Embrace, Light and Vibration mode, Battery level and Free memory (Alert App Statuses)



- Add Caregivers (How Do I Add Caregivers)



- View recent alerts detected by the Embrace as well as false alarms [What Is a False Alarm]


- Edit your profile, update firmware, contact support directly, etc.


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