The Mate App


The Mate App is an electronic diary (e-diary) that summarizes the Embrace data and reflects information captured throughout the day. The app displays rest, physical activity, and possible seizures.

Mate Seizure Diary

When developing the Mate App, we wanted to make sure that we provided a great tool for those with Epilepsy. As seizures are most likely to occur in certain situations, the app aims to help better understand how seizures interact with your daily activities and sleep patterns. It might happen that your seizures are triggered by disturbed sleep, stress or occur in a certain part of day and night.  Possible seizures detected by Embrace are automatically reflected in the Mate app. You can also manually log your seizures and check if there is any seizure pattern around your usual activities.


You can add seizures to your Mate diary by tapping the ‘seizure icon’ at the bottom of the Mate app.

Mate Advanced Rest Analysis

Sleep issues can also affect your seizures. In this context, both quantity and quality matter. That is why the Mate App tells you not only how long you sleep, but also offers insights into the quality of your sleep, including the number of tosses and turns, as well as interruptions.

To find out more check: How does the Mate app analyze my sleep and rest?

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