The Mate App


The Mate App is an electronic seizure diary that summarizes the data recorded by Embrace and reflects information captured throughout the day. The app displays rest, physical activity, and seizures detected by Embrace, as well as seizures you’ve manually added. Having all of this information in one place makes it easy to spot patterns and share with your doctor.




Seizure Diary

The Mate App can help you maintain an accurate seizure diary. Only seizures that have been reviewed in the Alert app as convulsive seizures or possible seizures will flow to the Mate app.  You can also manually log undetected seizures, and add notes, such as how you were feeling and what you were doing before the seizure.



Advanced Rest Analysis

Sleep issues may affect your seizures. In this context, both quantity and quality matter. Discover insights about your rest by getting detailed stats such as duration, the number of tosses and turns, as well as interruptions. Advanced analysis lets you see how efficient your night’s rest was, and compare it with your weekly average to identify patterns.



Advanced Physical Activity Analysis

The Mate App provides an in-depth analysis of your physical activity. You can keep track of how much you move, while the activity recognition automatically distinguishes between run, walk, and sport. You can also see the intensity of your physical activity and more detailed information such as duration, distance covered, steps, and total active time.


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