What is a clinical trial?


Imagine you’ve done lots of studying and experimenting and you think you’ve found something that will make people’s lives better. Looking at a big number of people using your new invention will help you get a clearer idea of just how good your invention is.  It will answer a lot of questions, and if your invention performs well, you’ll receive recognition and validation.

What is the purpose of the Embrace clinical trial?  

The purpose of the clinical trial for Embrace and the Alert app is to demonstrate how effective they are in seizure detection and alerting caregivers in real world conditions. It’s necessary to test on a large number of people to ensure that any benefit derived from the Embrace is not random, but occurs for many people. It’s overseen by a review board which protects the participants by monitoring the trial.

Our goal is that the insights gained will improve the daily lives of people living with Epilepsy so they receive help when they need it, and have more freedom to carry out daily activities on their own. If you are interested in participating, please visit How can I join the clinical trial?


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