Empatica Manager - Release Notes


May 12, 2017

Empatica Manager 1.2.0 (Windows)

Empatica is introducing a feature to support firmware installation debugging and force a Firmware installation if needed. Changes in this Empatica Manager build include the following:

  • Reinstall Firmware feature - enable the option “Reinstall Firmware update” in Empatica Manager settings in order to display a “Reinstall Firmware button” on the main screen of the Empatica Manager. You’ll be able to reinstall the firmware next time you connect the E4 to your computer.

May 2, 2017

Empatica Manager 1.1.0 (Windows)

Empatica is introducing some features to improve the stability and reliability of the Empatica Manager for Windows, specifically targeting improvements to the firmware update process. Users of Empatica Manager will be promoted to update the software when launching the app. To download the update manually, follow the instructions in this support center article. Changes in this Empatica Manager build include the following:

  • Device Firmware Display - Empatica Manager displays the Firmware Version currently installed in the information panel for any connected E4 devices.
  • Firmware Management for Beta Testers - Empatica Manager now supports installation of specific firmware packages that are being tested as part of our Beta program.
  • Bug-fixes - additional changes have been made to improve overall application stability and streamline installation.
  • No more malicious software false alarms - Empatica Manager will not require Windows user approval before running.
  • Improved Anti-virus compatibility - Empatica Manager is now more compatible with most Antivirus applications and is less likely to cause False Alarms during installation (tested with Symantec 14 and Nod32).

Empatica E4 Firmware 1.1.1

Empatica is introducing a major firmware release that should improve stability of the E4. There are no changes to the data-streams or sensor outputs so the installation of the release is appropriate for all research customers, even those engaged in ongoing experiments. Empatica Manager users on the Windows Platform with "Enable firmware update" checked in their settings will be prompted to update their firmware when a device is connected. Note, there is no firmware update support for Apple OS X users at this time - if access to Windows is not available please contact Empatica Support. The update process can be deferred, however, if users proceed it is fully automated, transparent and robust in case of unexpected disconnections. Changes in this firmware release include the following:

  • Bug-fix - Fixes have been introduced to prevent occurrences of corrupt sessions while the device is operated in memory mode.
  • Bug-fix: Reduced timestamp drifting - In cases where the battery is not fully depleted, clock settings are preserved when the E4 switched off for several days.
  • Improved Firmware Update Process - The firmware can now be installed faster.
  • Improved Bluetooth Connection Process - The connection process is now streamlined and should result in faster Bluetooth connections.


June 6, 2016 (V1.0.1.1806)

Overview of Changes:

  • Network connectivity test URL is now configurable. The user now is able to set the URL that will be used by the app in order to check the internet connectivity. If no URL is set, the app will use the default one: www.google.com

Note: If the user network proxy or firewall blocks the www.google.com website, the Empatica Manager will display by default the network problem status. In order to avoid this scenario, the user now is able to override this configuration and customize the URL. 


Dec 3, 2015 (V1.00.1119)

Overview of Changes:

  • - Enhanced Upload Status Notification Bar
  • - Pending “Sessions to Upload” view
  • - Enhanced Device Status information
  • - New Network status icon and view

Upload Status Notification Bar

  • - indication of session upload status:
    • - "No more sessions to upload”
    • - “Uploading [# in queue] / [# total] session(s)"
    • - "Upload of [#] session(s) complete”
    • - “[#] session(s) pending upload - Restart the app once network connectivity is reestablished"
  • - Click on "View pending” to open the “Sessions to upload list”
    • - Pending sessions are displayed with “Device BT ID”, “Start time [is this in UTC?]”, (Approximate) “Duration”, and “Status” [i.e. "To be uploaded" / (what are other possible states?)]

Device Status Information

For each connected device, Empatica Manager reports:

  • - Device BT ID and Serial Number; Number of sessions detected
  • - Session Download status (from E4 wristband to PC) [/ ]
  • - Session Upload Status (from PC to Empatica Connect) [ no icon ]
  • - Status report ["Error Uploading" / "Processing Complete”]

Network status icon and view

  • - Network Status Icons:
    • - Testing internet access / Searching for servers
    • - Error connecting to Internet / Empatica servers  
    • - Internet and Empatica connections are successful
  • - Click the icon to view Network Status details:

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