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Develop your own app

Developers have access to API documentation, downloads, and device registration features to support application development.

Empatica Customers with an E4 connect account can sign up for developer access. Developer enrollment also allows you to authenticate device purchases with an API key so their Empatica device may be used with 3rd party software.

This article explains you how to sign up for a Developer access and register and share your devices with an Empatica purchase code.

Developer in Empatica Connect

TIP For more information on developer tools make sure to check out our GitHub Page and our Developer Documentation.

  1. Login to your E4 connect account. If you don't have an E4 connect account yet you can create one by following the instruction described in the Create your E4 connect Account article.


  2. Follow the "Developer” link, you can find it in the upper right corner of every E4 connect page.


  3. Request developer access by following the dialog on the login page. Please make sure you explain what you plan to develop. The feedback on your request is immediate. You will receive a confirmation message right away.


Device registration

Developer applications are restricted for use among verified devices that have been associated with a developer’s account through purchase verification or sharing.

After each device ships, Empatica will send a shipping confirmation email that includes an Empatica "Purchase Code". This code will be necessary to register your device.

  1. Login into your E4 connect account and go to the Developer Area


  2. Enter the purchase code in the space provided and click "Verify" to authenticate the devices associated with that purchase. Repeat this step for any additional purchases.

  3. You may now use the API key listed in this page to connect to your registered device from your custom/3rd party application.


Device sharing

A device owner can use the “share” button above each purchase to add developer access to existing E4 connect account holders. Once shared, the device will be listed under the “Your Shared Devices” list.


If you cannot find the purchase code for your device check with the shipping contact at your organization. In the event that a purchase code is lost, troubles with the device registration, or If you haven't found the answer to your question, click the button below and complete the typeform. We will receive all the information needed to assist you further.

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