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Visualize your data with E4 connect

E4 connect is a secure cloud-based repository to review and manage the data uploaded from the E4 wristband. It includes list and calendar views to navigate to a given session, a dashboard for data visualization and download links so you can access raw data with 3rd party applications.

E4 connect Features

  • Securely store session data from Empatica E4 devices.
  • Access data securely from an internet connected browser.
  • Export session packages to data in your prefered analytic software suite (e.g. MatLab),
  • View overview information for all recorded sessions uploaded to your account, including duration, device serial number, and session start date-time.
  • Search them by calendar date, device.

View your data

  1. To access the Online Dashboard login to E4 connect
  2. Click on "All Sessions" to get an overview of all recorded sessions.
  3. Click on “View” to enter the dashboard of your session.


View your session





Export your data

E4 connect allows you to access raw data in CSV format for all of your Empatica data. To receive it just click on the CSV button.

Data can be downloaded using the “Download button” as a compressed directory (ZIP) containing text (CSV) formatted data and an explainer (info.txt) file.

TIP to learn more data export check our dedicated article on how the data can be exported.


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