Download your data on a Windows computer


The following step-by-step guide explains how you can download the data on a Windows computer.

  1. Download the recorded data by opening the E4 manager on your computer.

  2. Power OFF the E4
    When the device is in any powered on state a 2-sec button press will power it off.

    REMINDER: To transfer data start with your Empatica device disconnected from the USB port and powered off.
  3. Launch the E4 manager and login
    Launch the E4 manager application from your desktop or programs directory. Every time you launch the E4 manager you must login using
    your E4 connect credentials.

  4. Connect your device and transfer the data
    After a successful login, the application will wait for an Empatica device USB connection. Plug an Empatica E4 into a USB port. Once the connection is established, E4 manager will list the device and begin to download any recorded sessions from the device’s memory.


  5. Once a session has been download from the E4 to the PC’s memory E4 manager will attempt to upload data to E4 connect automatically.


    TIP: For each device you can see the following information:
  • Device Model, Device ID and number of recorded sessions;
  • Current Downloading status;
  • Current Uploading status;

    When all sessions are downloaded from the E4 to your PC, E4 manager will list "No sessions to download". The E4 switches into charging mode indicated by a yellow indicator light. The E4 can now be safely be disconnected from the PC at any time.


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