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Download the E4 data onto your computer

The following step-by-step guide explains how you can download data from E4 onto your computer.


1. Download the recorded data by opening the E4 manager on your computer and plugging the E4 device into the USB port using the charging dock and a USB cable.


2. Power OFF the E4
When the device is in any powered-on state a 2-sec button press will power it off.


Before data transfer, keep your E4 device disconnected from the USB port and powered off, otherwise after a while, the device will start recording.

3. Launch the E4 manager and login
Login using your E4 connect credentials. The E4 manager will automatically retain the last login information entered.



4. Connect E4 and transfer the data
After a successful login, the application will wait for an E4 device USB connection.




Plug the E4  into a USB port. Once an E4 is connected, the E4 manager displays a row corresponding to the connected device: the number of sessions on the E4 will appear and you need to click on "Sync sessions" button to start the transfer. 




5. Then, the E4 manager starts downloading sessions data from the device.

After downloading a session from the device, the E4 manager begins to upload data to E4 connect automatically.

You may monitor the status of the E4, the overall sync progression, and the transfer percentage for each session. 



By clicking the button at the bottom right of the E4 manager, the "View Sessions" button, an overview of the sessions downloaded from the device is visible.




6. The process is completed when all the sessions are downloaded from the device and uploaded to E4 connect.


TIP: If your connection is interrupted during an upload your sessions will remain on your local disk and can be recovered. For more information review our article on How to recover missing sessions.


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