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Stream your signals using the BLE connection

Running the E4 in streaming mode allows you to monitor physiological data from the device in real time over a Bluetooth® Low Energy connection.


You can use our E4 realtime App, or build your own application for iOS or Android after you have applied for a Developer Account.

Install the E4 realtime app on your compatible iOS or Android device. Check the compatibility requirements on the App Store and on Google Play.

Once installed, connect the E4 wristband with a mobile device using E4 realtime app to:

  • View sensor data in realtime.
  • Easily zoom and pan to check your signals.
  • Automatically upload data to your E4 connect account after a session ends.


Signal Streaming with the E4 wristband

  1. Prepare your phone make sure Bluetooth® is enabled on your compatible device. 
  2. Launch the E4 realtime App open the App on your mobile device and login using your E4 connect credentials.

  3. Power ON the E4  - when the device is powered off a 2-sec button press will power it on. The LED indicator will blink light blue (with older firmware the LED will flash black and green).

  4. Start streaming - tap “CONNECT E4 AND START STREAMING” and select your E4 from the list. The LED light turns a steady blue to indicate that streaming has started. In a few seconds the real-time streaming starts.

  5. Tag an event event marking with the E4 allows real-time annotation of a session

    TIP for more information on the event markers check: Event Marking with the E4. Tap the button (<1sec) while streaming to tag an event.


    REMINDER Be careful to press and release quickly when entering a tag to avoid powering down and resetting the device.

  6. End session - press the "STOP RECORDINGbutton on the home screen. The E4 powers off and the session uploads automatically to Empatica secure cloud storage. The E4 will also power off if the Bluetooth® connection is lost. e.g. is out-of-range.


    REMINDER when your device goes out of range while in streaming mode, it will stop recording data.



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