Download and install the Empatica Manager on your Mac OS X computer


The following step-by-step guide will teach you how to download and install Empatica Manager on your Mac OSX.

Version compatibility: The Empatica Manager for OSX is compatible with Mac OSX starting from version 10.9

REMINDER to install the software, the device is not required, so for your convenience keep it unplugged from your computer.

Installation Steps

  1. Download the Empatica Manager

    Download the Empatica Manager

  2. Once the download has completed, locate the installer file (i.e. and open it.

    Locate Empatica Manager installer

    TIP If you can not find the file in your downloads directory you can use a Spotlight search (⌘+spacebar) for "EmpaticaManager".

  3. Click on the file and a Finder window containing the EmpaticaManager installer application will open (highlighting a file named InstallEmpaticaManager.pkg)

    EmpaticaManager installer

    TIP If the Finder window does not open please launch a new Finder window and locate the InstallEmpaticaManager.pkg file.

  4. Double click the installer and follow the instructions. Click Continue after the welcome screen.

    Empatica Manager welcome screen

  5. Continue to the Software License Agreement and click on Continue.

    Empatica Manager Software License Agreement

  6. Accept the Licence Agreement by clicking on Agree.

    Accept the Licence Agreement

  7. Select a destination folder for the installation and click on Continue.

    Empatica Manafer Installer destination folder

  8. You will be prompted to select the Installation Type. In this screen you can also change the location of the installation if you wish. Click Install to finish the process.

    Empatica Manager Installation Type

  9. To finalize the installation of the software you will be asked to enter your Mac OS X credentials

    Empatica Manager Installer Credentials

  10. If the installation was successful you will see following message.

    Empatica Manager Installer Success

    TIP If OSX prevents the installer from running you may need authorize the installation under your security settings suggestions. For more information please review the Empatica Manager Installation Mac OS X troubleshooting guide in the Empatica support portal.

  11. Login to Empatica Manager with your Empatica Connect credentials

    TIP Review section 2 of this guide "Create your Empatica Connect Account" if you have not yet registered your Empatica Connect account).

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