What are the differences between Embrace and E4?


The Embrace and the E4 are two products by Empatica that are designed to measure physiological activity and process data captured in different ways. The Embrace was initially designed for consumer use while the E4 is for researchers and enterprise applications. However Embrace has also recently entered the research market, coupled with it’s very own research portal. The differences between both devices are explained below.



The Embrace watch is designed mainly for consumer use for tonic clonic seizure detection  notification. It can also measure rest, sleep and physical activity. Embrace has been launched without access to raw data and APIs. Once the subscription expires, raw data and API access would be terminated till the next subscription.

The E4 wristband on the other hand, is designed for  researchers and physicians who are conducting research on physiology in daily life and is not for consumer use. It is flexible with tools for data recording and management as well as real-time streaming to Empatica Realtime App both for Android and for iOS. These data are also accessible in real-time via our mobile APIs for iOS and Android so that you can integrate the E4 wristband into existing protocols with mobile data collection, for sample projects visit https://developer.empatica.com.



Embrace Sensors:

The Embrace is comprised of four sensors: EDA sensor, Accelerometers, Gyroscope and a Peripheral Temperature Sensor. Find more information about Embrace sensors on Embrace Technology page.

E4 Sensors:

E4 is comprised of 4 sensors- PPG (Photoplethysmography) Sensor, 3-axis Accelerometer, EDA Sensor (GSR Sensor) and an Infrared Thermopile. It also has the Internal Real-Time Clock.

Slightly larger than the Embrace, the E4 has an additional sensor that measures instantaneous heart rate and has a more sophisticated temperature sensor. In addition, it stores more raw data on its internal memory.


While the Embrace generates and sends alerts to caregivers upon the detection of a tonic-clonic seizure, the E4 does not have the on-device processing system to do that. Instead, the E4 allows for monitoring and analyzing of raw data either in the lab or at home.

Please bear in mind that the software for each device is unique and designed for different types of users so they are not compatible or interchangeable. Currently E4 software does not work with Embrace and vice versa.





Epilepsy Monitor

Sleep and Rest Management

Physical Activity tracking

Lab and Home Recording

Real-time Clinical Observation

Raw data Analysis

Real time Data in your App



3-Axis Gyroscope

3-Axis Accelerometer




3-Axis Accelerometer

Infrared Thermopile


Water Resistant

Analog-like Watch

Interchangeable Band

Splash Resistant

Event Marker

60+ Hours Flash Memory


Bluetooth Smart ®

Bluetooth Smart ®

USB 2.0


27 Hours

20+ Hours Streaming Mode

36+ Hours Memory Mode


Case: 30x30x10 mm

Wrist: 100 - 210 mm

Weight: 17g

Case: 44x40x16 mm

Wrist: 110 - 190 mm

Weight: 25g


API Coming Soon

iOS and Android SDK

Windows TCP Server



Research software and pricing coming soon


Volume and Academic discounts available

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