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Differences between Embrace, E4 and EmbracePlus

The E4/EmbracePlus and Embrace2 serve two different purposes and are designed for two different types of users. Here is an overview of our products:




The Embrace2 aims at detecting unusual movement patterns and changes in physiological signals that could be associated with convulsive or generalized tonic-clonic seizures. When a possible seizure event is detected, alerts will be sent to caregivers via calls and SMS.


At the moment, it is our only and most updated seizure monitor device that is dedicated to the Epilepsy community. Should you be looking for a device to detect possible tonic-clonic seizures for personal use, it would be the perfect fit for you.


In addition to the seizure monitoring and alerting functionality, Embrace can also be used to track rest and physical activities. This data is available through the Mate App, which is a free application for Embrace users.


Please note that Embrace2 is an FDA-cleared medical device. If you intend to purchase and use it within the US territories, you will be required to upload a valid prescription before we are able to ship your Embrace2.


To learn more about Embrace2 capabilities, please visit the following article: How does Embrace work?


E4 and EmbracePlus


The E4 wristband and EmbracePlus are designed for researchers to gather physiological signals and are provided to researchers and institutions only.


These two devices cannot detect seizures and do not offer any type of alerting system and they are not recommended for consumers as the data is not summarized and it requires experience in data analysis to understand.

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