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E4 Electrodes: materials and replacement

Type of Electrodes

The E4 comes with user-replaceable 10mm diameter silver-coated with copper underlay on brass electrodes. 


The silver electrodes should last for months under continuous use but will oxidize, picking up a grey tarnish over time. 

Changing electrodes

The EDA electrodes should not be removed and reattached frequently as this may degrade the performance of the sensor.  It is not necessary to change electrodes between Patients or Users. The disinfection process can be done when the electrodes are attached to the E4, with a cotton pad soaked in a small quantity of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, or in a solution containing Alkyl C12-16 Dimethylbenzyl Ammonium Chloride.

The E4 electrodes can be changed by hand. Make sure the electrodes are placed securely after replacement to ensure maximum data quality. Secure the electrodes by hand, not using a tool, to avoid damaging the mechanical connection to the E4 band.


If you are observing issues with the EDA values hovering around 0.0 µS with occasional spikes, it may be a sign of improper electrode placement and a loose connection.


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