Which scientific literature is the Embrace based on?


Embrace is based on scientific work published in two top medical journals (see below), as well as on additional studies that have replicated that work. The ways in which our sensors can help revolutionize health are profound and we want to enable open scientific dissemination of these findings as much as possible, so people get the personalized advances in treatments that really can help them most. We also are involved in a variety of clinical trials that continue to use our sensors and analytics, and people come to us regularly to include us in new trials.  

(To date the sensors used in trials are the Empatica E3 and E4, and predecessors to these).

The first two peer-reviewed journal articles that published our findings were based on trials run at Boston Children’s Hospital (#1 pediatric hospital in the USA) and Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston:

  • Poh, M.Z., Loddenkemper, T., Reinsberger, C., Swenson, N.C., Goyal, S., Sabtala, M.C., Madsen, J.R., and Picard, R.W., "Convulsive Seizure Detection Using a Wrist-worn Electrodermal Activity and Accelerometry Biosensor", Epilepsia, Mar 20, 2012. Abstract
  • Poh, M.Z., Loddenkemper, T., Reinsberger, C., Swenson, N.C., Goyal, S., Madsen, J.R., Picard, R.W., "Autonomic Changes with Seizures Correlate with Postictal EEG Suppression", Neurology, Apr 25, 2012. Abstract

Please check out https://www.empatica.com/science for a more regularly updated bibliography of our publications.


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