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How to present real-time streaming data on a computer monitor or TV

You can share real-time data on a monitor or TV screen without building custom software using the E4 realtime App for iOS or Android and share your screen using AirPlay or Chromecast respectively. The following configurations are possible using this technique:
2 - Attach a Chrome Cast device to the HDMI port on a projector/display/TV to cast using an Android device via Chrome Cast.
3 - Attach an Apple TV device to the HDMI port on a projector/display/TV to screen share using an iOS device via AirPlay.
Note: Screen casting requires particular network configurations and will only work when the iOS device and Airplay Receiver / Android device and Chrome Cast Receiver can see each other on the network so it's not suitable for use in some large institutions. Consider using a fourth option:
4 - View/record the display from an iOS device via a USB/lightning cable connection with QuickTime App on a Mac computer running O SX 10.10+.
Custom App Development / Visualization

Note: For those who want to develop custom visualizations with our E-series research devices their data are accessible in real-time to 3rd party applications via SDKs for iOS and Android and TCP server solution for Windows.


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