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I lost my sessions. How can I recover them?

If you experience connectivity issues while transferring data from the E4 wristband to E4 connect rest assured that records will be saved and in a recoverable state.

Under real-world conditions both USB cable and internet connections can be unstable. USB connections can be interrupted due to limitations of the physical connections on both ends (e.g. if the cable is jostled in USB port during a transfer) or at the connection between the E4 and its charging cradle. Uploads may also be interrupted when your drive enters power save mode or shuts down unexpectedly. If your transfer was interrupted your files can be recovered.

How your sessions are saved

Session data typically follows a path from [(1) E4 device memory] > [(2) local drive on PC] > [(3) Empatica Connect] 

(1) Session data starts out in a binary format on the E4 wristband. The session will remain stored on the E4 until it has been successfully transferred to your local machine's drive. The sessions will not be cleared if you reset the E4 or if it loses power. Memory on the E4 is cleared only after the successful transfer of a session from the device to your computer's drive.

(2) Once the session is moved to temporary storage on your computer's drive it will remain there until it has been successfully uploaded to Empatica Connect. Local files are never removed before being uploaded.

(3) Once the session has been successfully uploaded to E4 connect it is archived from temporary storage on your PC and binary data is processed so that it can be interpreted.

How to recover your sessions

To recover sessions that are lost during this process please review the following scenarios. 

Note: Before you begin, please make sure you are running the latest version of E4 manager. Refer to the article on Updating the E4 manager and follow those instructions before proceeding.

On Windows

Session recovery is automatic and will take place every time the E4 manager application is launched. If a session upload was interrupted and you are unable to locate the session on E4 connect please quit the application and re-launch it to initiate the recovery.

The E4 manager for Windows checks if your Internet connection is available and if the Empatica servers are reachable. The status will be shown via the Network icon on the bottom left corner.

You can also see a list of the pending session(s) that are still remaining to be uploaded. 

The scenarios below exemplify what can go wrong during session transfer and step-by-step recovery procedures.

Scenario A: Internet connection is OK.

1. After starting the app, it will search for new sessions to upload. 

Note that the Network icon is green:




2. No sessions to upload were found.



Scenario B: No Internet connection or the Empatica servers are not reachable.

1. First you will see that the Network status icon shows a warning.

In this case, the E4 was connected to the PC and the session was already downloaded from the device.

The session was not uploaded to the Connect due to the lack of a stable Internet connection. The application indicates that there is one (or more) session pending upload. 


2. If you click on the View Status button, you will see pending session(s) listed.


3. Once the Internet connection is restored the Network icon shows a check-mark:



4. With a good Internet connection. The app must be re-started to initiate the upload. If it doesn't close the E4 Manager and reopen it. 


On Mac OSX

  • Click on the E4 connect icon in your OSX application tray
  • To recover a file start by clicking on the down arrow button in the lower left corner of the 4 manager dialog:
  • If you have sessions on the local disk to recover they will be revealed, click on the "Upload [#] sessions" button to start the recovery.
Note: If recovery fails the E4 manager may be frozen. Please force-quit the process using the method outlined below. After force-quitting you may relaunch E4 Manager, log in and follow the instructions above to recover your missing sessions.
  1. Launch "Activity Monitor" from the Utilities subdirectory in your OSX Applications folder.
  2. In the "Search" window, type the word "Empatica"
  3. Double click on "EmpaticaManager" from the Process List

  4. Select "Quit" and then "Force Quit" from the confirmation dialog to exit Empatica Manager. 


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