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E4 wristband firmware management

For the latest release notes and firmware version information please refer to

E4 manager will check for firmware updates as soon as an E4 is connected. The E4 manager checks your device's hardware version to determine if there is any update available. If a firmware update is found you will see the message "Update available..." as below:




You can decide whether or not to proceed with an update. The button is disabled if the E4 contains sessions, which need to be downloaded before starting the firmware update process. If you choose to proceed with the update by pressing "Update available...", the firmware update process will begin automatically. The update process typically takes less than five minutes to complete.

During the firmware upgrade, the E4 device could reboot automatically. It is important to keep the device connected to the USB port until the firmware upgrade is completed, even if the progress bar looks still. If the connection is interrupted the firmware update process must be manually restarted from the beginning before the device can be used.

At the end of the process, you'll see a confirmation message:




Firmware installation issues troubleshooting:

What can I do if the device is disconnected during a firmware update?

An interrupted firmware update may leave the E4 in a reset state (indicated by a constant white LED light). Follow these steps to recover the device:

- Unplug the device (if connected) from the PC.

- Re-Connect the E4 to the PC and wait for the following popup to be shown:

 and follow the instructions to complete the firmware upgrade.

If you don’t want to repair the firmware you can press the restart button, the small circle at the right with a rounded arrow symbol, in order to reboot the E4 and load the main firmware. In case of the main firmware is not installed properly the device should go in bootloader mode again.


What can I do if the firmware upgrade process returns an error?

To attempt fixing a firmware update not successfully completed, the following steps can be followed:

  • Connect the E4 to the E4 manager
  • Press the button and keep it pressed until the light becomes solid white. This indicates the device in bootloader mode and is useful in case we need to reinstall the firmware
  • Below the installed firmware version on the right-hand side of the E4 manager should appear the button "Repair firmware..."
  • This will re-initiate the firmware update process


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