How Accurate is the Location Feature?


One of the newest additions to the Alert app is the Location feature. This feature is available with the Standard and Plus Subscription plans and it sends the location link of the wearer of the Embrace to caregivers when the Embrace detects a seizure.


When the Embrace detects a seizure, it sends alerts to caregivers through phone calls/SMS. If the GPS/Location on the wearer’s phone is enabled, the SMS sent to caregivers will contain the link to the location of the person at the time of the seizure.




If the GPS location at the time of seizure detection is inaccurate or hasn’t been updated by the phone for some time, we will send a follow-up SMS with the updated accurate location soon after. The Location accuracy and time it was collected would also be specified in the SMS sent.


For reference, the recent alerts can be viewed under ‘Recent Alerts’ in the app, and all the information regarding the seizure- date, time, caregivers contacted, location accuracy and Rest mode at the time of the seizure- can be seen.





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