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Session status in E4 manager

In the bottom right corner of the main screen of the E4 manager, you can access the session section, by clicking on the button "View Sessions".


This window contains a table with a list of all the sessions you've downloaded using your computer.  Every session available on Connect uploaded with a different computer will not be listed here. All listed sessions are associated to the logged-in user account. Logging in as a different user will not delete any sessions, but will load the list of sessions corresponding to the respective user.  


The columns in the table are:

  • Session: This is a unique identifier for your session, composed of 6 or more digits (e.g. 631088). Please refer to this ID if you need support from our team. If the session is not processed yet, the value will not be available and the string “NEW” will be displayed. 
  • Start Timethe start time of the session in your local timezone.
  • Duration: an estimate of how long your session lasted. The actual duration is subject to change. Please refer to the E4 Connect web portal to see the exact duration of your recording.
  • Device: serial number of the device
  • Status: the status of your session. The various statuses you may see are below:
    • Downloaded: the session has been downloaded from your E4 and is waiting to be uploaded.
    • Uploading: your session is being uploaded.
    • Uploaded: your session was uploaded but has not yet been processed by E4 Connect.
    • Uploaded Error: the upload failed. E4 manager automatically synchronizes as soon as a new session is downloaded from the E4 device or after 10 minutes from the last upload. To try again, you should relaunch E4 Manager. 
    • Processing: your session is being processed by E4 connect and will be available soon.
    • Processed: your session has been processed and is now shown in your session list on E4 Connect. Pressing the button on the right with the arrow will open the Default Web Browser with the link to the session on E4 connect.
    • Processed Error: E4 connect failed to process your session. You can restart E4 Manager to try again. If the problem persists, please contact our support team at Please indicate the Session ID.

The status of all the sessions is refreshed every 30 seconds. 


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