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E4 Return Policy


If the problem cannot be solved remotely, it might be necessary to return the device for servicing. The support team will help you out.

1. Request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
Your E4 wristband's return requires an authorization from the Empatica Team, verifying that it needs to be returned for servicing. Please note that Empatica does not cover shipping costs.

To proceed with the return for servicing, please provide the Empatica Support Team with the following information:

1) Device IDs
2) Shipping address you are returning it from
3) Billing address and email address where we can send the bill for the shipping to be paid by credit card.

Timing: Your RMA request will be processed within 5 business days.

Once your request is processed, you’ll receive an RMA document (PDF) summarizing the details of your case and the RMA Proforma Invoice (if necessary). Please read it carefully and verify your information is correct.

2. Ship your E4 wristband(s) back to Empatica

Once the shipping fees have been covered, Empatica will send you the Shipping Label that will help facilitate the return delivery.

If you are returning your device for a refund, the charge for both shipping and return shipping will be deducted from the total amount of your refund and Empatica will not bill you ahead for the return shipping, but will indicate its cost upfront with you.

If you are returning your device for refurbishing, please note that Empatica only covers malfunctioning due to manufacture mistakes and will bill separately for usage related damages. If your E4 wristband is over the warranty period we will bill any refurbishing fee.

The amount to be paid for the refurbishing will be communicated to you and the devices will be sent back to you once the refurbishing fees have been paid.

Timing: Ship the device back within 3 business days of receiving the RMA document and shipping label.

  • Place the device in its original packaging and include all the accessories.
  • Print the (1) RMA document, the (2) shipping label and the (3) RMA proforma invoice (if provided).
  • Pack the E4 packaging securely in a padded shipping envelope or rigid cardboard box.
  • Place the RMA document inside the envelope/box. Attach the shipping label and the RMA proforma invoice (if provided) outside the envelope/box. 
  • Arrange the shipment with the Courier (Note: Please disregard any additional request from the courier, such as value or description of goods. All you need to do is consign the package to the courier, paperwork is taken care of by Empatica).

N.B. Empatica does not assume any risk of loss or damage to the device(s) while in transit for return.
N.B. Empatica will not be responsible for any customs/VAT/duty charges applied because of wrong value indications
N.B. Empatica will not be responsible for devices returned without prior authorization of Empatica team

3. Inspection of Returned E4 wristband(s)
In case of a return for refund, before issuing the refund we need to be sure your E4 wristband is functioning well and is not damaged (this includes also the band and the charger). In case of return for service, this step will identify the cause of the issues that you are experiencing and will help decide if we can repair your E4 wristtband or if a replacement is required. In case the damage is usage related or the returned device is out of warranty, we will bill the refurbishing fees prior to fixing the device(s).

Timing: Once your E4 wristband(s) arrives at Empatica, our team will inspect the device within 10 business days from the date of receipt.

Some examples of failed inspections

  • The E4 wristband has clear signs of physical damage
  • Part(s) of the E4 wristband is missing
  • The device was opened/ attempted to be opened
  • Damaged Band/Charger/USB cable

4.a Receiving your refund
If your E4 wristband passes our inspection, we’ll email you specifying the amount and expected time of refund. The refund will not include original and return shipping fees.

Timing: The time frame for the issuance of the refund is 10-14 business days.

N.B. Empatica reserves the right to change these policies or procedures at any time without notice.

4.b Receiving your refurbished/replacement E4 wristband(s)
Depending on the nature and complexity of the given issue, we will either ship back a refurbished E4 wristband or send you a replacement.

Timing: Your returned E4 wristband will be inspected within 10 business days of receipt. We will then ship back your device (or a replacement) within 10 days after inspection.


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