Viewing Seizure Reports in Empatica Research Portal


You can check on subjects’ seizure compliance through the Research Portal. In Subject Overview page, click on “View Compliance Report” to access Subject's Compliance Report to display more in-depth details about the seizure and the data compliance of the Subject.


The Compliance Report page provides two tables: Data Compliance and Seizure Compliance. Data Compliance table shows the percentage and hours during which the subject wore Embrace on a given date.

The Seizure Compliance table shows the seizures reported by the subject and whether they've confirmed the number of seizures on a given day. The table also shows the date and time when the subject has submitted the seizure report.


Through the Research Portal, you can select whether you'd like to view Seizure Report submission date and time in your own timezone or in subject's timezone.

To make the switch go to your Account by clicking your name on the upper right corner of the Research Portal and scroll down to Settings. Then select the timezone in which you'd like to view Subject's compliance information.


You can also change the timezone directly from the Compliance Report, by clicking “Change” in the upper right corner of the page.


Please note that the Research Portal doesn't take daylight saving time into consideration. For example, when you're checking subject compliance in your timezone (daylight saving time) and the data was recorded in non-daylight saving timezone (or vice versa) - you might notice a mismatch in times. 


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