How should I run multiple subjects back-to-back in my lab study?


The Embrace was optimised for longer-term tracking of a research participant in the home environment. It’s possible to enroll multiple subjects back to back but make sure to leave time for the following steps between subjects:

  1. It’s good practice to prepare your subjects for the day in advance. Create a subject ID for each potential research participant. You can “Early Term” no shows. These subjects will be in the “Screening” state until you log them into an Empatica app when they become “Active”.
  2. As soon as one subject has completed the experiment, put the Embrace on a powered charger to stop the device from recording new data and check the device and app memory to make sure all of the previous subject’s data has been uploaded from the app.
  3. If you will not be logging data from the same subjects on a future date, end the previous subject’s participation by clicking “Early term Subject” or “Subject Completed Study”. This will free up the Embrace(s) that are associated with that subject so you can pair them with the new subject. If you plan to collect more data using the same subjects in the future you can clear the association with the Embraces under the subject’s Device list by clicking “Remove pairing” while the subject remains in the “active” state.
  4. Prepare Smartphone: get your Empatica mobile app ready - make sure you’re logged out of the app and there are no paired Embraces in your Bluetooth settings.
  5. Create a new password for the incoming subject and log them into the app.
  6. Walk through the pairing process to create an association with the Embrace(s), the smartphone, and the subject ID.
  7. Once the subject arrives, remove the Embrace from the charger and situate it on the subject. Most skin conductance measurement protocols call for a minimum of 10 minutes of calibration time after situating the equipment before starting the investigational exposure.


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