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If you are a Study Participant, contact your Administrator directly as information in the Support Center is intended for qualified researchers and healthcare professionals. Misapplying the information below may affect your data collection.

Enrolling Subjects in the Research Portal

Your Site Manager can register (enroll) your Study participants (Subjects) through the Site Overview Page on the Research Portal.


Before the subjects’ enrollment visit, please make sure you prepare the equipment:

  • Fully charge Embrace.
  • If you’re providing the Subject with a smartphone/iPod, charge the device. Otherwise, ask the Subject to charge the smartphone they will be using with Embrace.
  • Download the Mate App on the device that the Subject will be using with the Embrace watch.

You can print a checklist here: Subject Enrollment List


During the Subject enrollment visit, you can create the Subject on the Research Portal and log them into the Mate App.


Creating the Subject on the Research Portal

  1. Log in to the Empatica Research Portal and open the Site Overview Page.
  2. Click on New Enrollment on the upper right corner.
  3. Enter Subject Unique Identifier (pre-defined by the Organization).
  4. Click Create Subject.



At this point, the status of the Subject on the Research Portal will be Screening. It means that the Subject is still on the enrollment stage and that they have not been logged in to the Mate App yet.


Logging the Subject in to the Mate App

In the Research Portal:

  1. Navigate to the desired Study, Site, and select the Subject, opening the Subject Overview Page.
  2. Click on Start to generate the unique Mate App credentials. Please note that you will be required to enter your own credentials before you can generate the Subject’s password.
  3. Once you click Generate Password, a pop-up window will appear with the credentials (email address and password) and the QR code.



In the Mate App:

4. Now, open the Mate App on the Subject’s smartphone/iPod tap on “Research Study Login”.

5. You can now log the Subject in by using either the QR code, with the generated email address and password.

6. Once the Subject is logged in to the Mate App, you can with pairing the Embrace watch following the in-app instructions.

7. The Subject is all set up once the Embrace is successfully paired.




Once you generate the login credentials, the Subject’s status on the Research Portal will change from Screening to Active. Subject status will remain Active until you Early Term or Complete the subject.

Also note that Subjects will be automatically logged out of the Mate App when they don’t use it for 30 days. Please make sure to inform the subjects to connect to the Mate App and upload data regularly. You can decide to keep track of the login credentials for your Subjects for future reference. Otherwise, you can also generate a new password for the subject in the Research Portal.

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