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Ending the Study for a Subject

There are two ways for subjects to finish a study - by completing the monitoring period, or by an early withdrawal.


When you would like to end the study for a Subject, please go to the Subject Overview Page and follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that all the data is uploaded from the Mate App to the Research Portal. Embrace Memory should be 100% free, and Data Stored in App at 0kB - Nothing to upload. You can read more here: Transferring data from the Mate App
  2. Press Early Term or Complete. This action automatically removes the pairing of the Embrace watch from the subject ID.
    • Early Term Subject - when a subject needs to withdraw from the Study before the monitoring period has been finished.
    • Subject Completed Study - when the subject has completed the Study.
  3. Delete the Mate App on the subject’s phone, making sure that the data has been completely uploaded to the servers.
  4. Put the Embrace2 to charge to stop the device from recording data.




IMPORTANT: Please note that once you withdraw a Subject from the Study, there is no way to reactivate the subject. All data that was not uploaded will be lost.

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