Monitoring Subject Compliance


Empatica Research Portal allows you to monitor Subject Compliance, facilitating early detection of possible data upload or event logging issues.


Monitoring Subject compliance on Site Overview page

On the Site Overview page, you can check on the overall state of the subjects enrolled in this particular Site.


Using smart views, you can filter out non-compliant, early terminated, or inactive subjects. Specifically, you can filter Subjects by the Embrace Synchronization date:  

  • Users who did not upload any data
  • Users who uploaded data in last 24 hours, last week, last month
  • Users who did not upload data in the last 24 hours, last week, last month

You can filter Subjects by their enrollment date, and also check how many subjects are currently active or have completed the study.


NOTE: Subjects will be automatically logged out of the Mate App when they don’t use it for 7 days. They will receive a pop-up notification from the app, informing them that they will need to log in again. We suggest that you keep track of the subject’s log-in credentials, otherwise, you can also generate a new password from the Research Portal.


Monitoring Subject compliance on Subject Overview page

The Subject Overview page provides a more in-depth view of the compliance of an individual Subject. Specifically, you can check the Subject’s:

  • Embrace usage compliance through the Data Upload Calendar. Once the signals recorded by Embrace have been transferred to the Research Portal, data upload info will be reflected in the Calendar on the Subject Overview Page.
  • Event logging compliance through the Seizure/Autonomic Arousal/Custom Event Calendar (if your study Subjects need to report any events, for example seizures, through the Mate App). Through the Events Calendar you will see the events, that the subjects have recorded for each day.


Viewing Subject Compliance in Detail

You can delve into the details of Embrace usage compliance for each Subject by clicking on the Compliance Report in the Subject Overview Page.


The Compliance Report page provides a Data Compliance table with a daily breakdown of  the percentage and hours during which the subject wore Embrace on a given month. You can easily navigate through the months by selecting the month you would like to check on the upper right corner of the Compliance Report page.

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