How to view Site Details on Empatica Research Portal ?


On the Site Overview page of Empatica Research Portal you can view all the details related to your site. In particular, you can access information on:

  1. Site Overview tab

Provides general information about the site, e.g. the total number of subjects and a breakdown for more detailed view.

2. Site Team

This tab provides the overview of the staff at your site and whether each staff member has administrative or read only access to the site.


3. Site Seizure Report 

You can view the overall number of the seizures logged by the subjects in a specific site, as well as the total number of seizures per Seizure Class.


4. Site Devices

You can easily view all the devices in use by the subjects in a specific Site through the Site Device List section in the Site Overview page. The device list includes the following information:

  • Device Serial Number
  • Device Color
  • Current firmware version installed
  • Subject ID currently using the device
  • The date on which data was last uploaded from the device





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