What happens if the payment for my subscription is rejected?


If there is a problem with the payment of your subscription plan, we will notify you via email.

In case of a failed payment your subscription service will not be interrupted immediately. We will make 4 attempts to bill your card within a 15-day grace period. This means your subscription will not be cancelled for these 15 days while we’re attempting to bill your card. At each attempt we’ll send you an email notification. 

There a few reasons why your regular subscription payment might have failed. Most common reasons are:  

  • Expired or cancelled Credit Card  - if this is the case, please contact your Credit Card issuer to request a new card and update your billing details in your Empatica Account to ensure uninterrupted service
  • Insufficient  funds on your Credit Card - please restore the funds on your Card before our last attempt to take the payment

If the payment doesn’t go through after 4 attempts, the service plan will be interrupted (alerts will not be sent to Caregivers) until we have received payment.

You can update your billing information directly from your Empatica Account:

  1. Go to “Your Subscription” page and click “Update my billing details”
  2. Enter your address and payment info and confirm by clicking “Update my billing details”


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