Is there a subscriptions discount for donated watches?


If you received a donated Embrace watch through Epilepsy Foundation of America, Empatica covers the cost of the Standard plan for 6 months which starts from the date that the subscriptions system was released.

Once the 6-month period has expired, you will be prompted to select the subscription plan that best suits your needs. To ensure uninterrupted service, please select the subscription plan and enter your billing details before the 6-month period of the free access to Standard plan ends.  

Please note that failure to subscribe for a plan will disable the sending of alerts to Caregivers once the 6-month free Standard subscription plan expires. You will still have access to the Alert and Mate apps, however, alerts will not be sent to the Caregivers.

Not sure if you’re the recipient of a donated watch from the Epilepsy Foundation of America? Please check the orders section of your Empatica Account - it has all the details about your Embrace watch. You should have also received a confirmation letter from the Epilepsy Foundation when your application for a donated Embrace watch was approved.

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