Which subscription plans are available?


Empatica offers Lite, Standard and Plus subscription plans for the Embrace watch. Each plan is comprised of different feature combinations that enables you to use Embrace at different capacities, depending on your needs and financial resources.  

See below table to explore what each subscription plan entails:




Customizing your subscription plans

You can personalize your subscription plan by selecting from a list of add-on features, such as Unlimited Caregivers.

 Free trial

With the purchase of your Embrace, you get free access to 30 days of the Plus subscription plan, which is the most comprehensive plan that we offer. Once the 30-day free trial period has expired, you will be prompted to purchase the subscription plan that best suits your needs. 

Please note that failure to subscribe for a plan will disable the sending of alerts to Caregivers once the 30-day free trial period of the Plus plan expires. You will still have access to the Alert and Mate apps, however, seizure detection will not be available and alerts will not be sent to the Caregivers.

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