Why aren’t adjustable bands available any more?


Designing and producing the adjustable band that could guarantee great comfort and good quality of physiological signals has been taking longer than initially anticipated. Also, Embrace will need to be in skin contact and should be snug enough to allow for continuous contact between electrodes and skin; using stretchable bands is a choice to ensure this measure. If and when we have adjustable bands available again, we will certainly notify you of it on our blog.

What if I already pre-ordered the watch with the adjustable band?
If you’ve already purchased your Embrace watch with the adjustable band (orders placed before July 1st, 2016), to avoid any delays with delivery, we will send you the Embrace watch with a stretchable band instead. It can fit both children and adults. As soon as the adjustable band is ready we'll send it your way. Consider the stretchable bands on us!

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