How can I check my Embrace memory level?


Embrace records physiological data on its internal memory and the memory capacity is around 14 hours. If Embrace is connected to your smartphone the signals are automatically uploaded, and therefore, does not use up Embrace memory. Therefore, free memory on the Embrace remains at 100%. However, if Embrace isn’t connected to your smartphone (for example, when Bluetooth is off, or Embrace is out of the Bluetooth range) the data will be stored in Embrace.


You can check the memory level of your Embrace watch in the Advanced Settings of the Alert app (Alert app>>More>>Settings>>Advanced Settings>>Embrace Memory). Below the memory info, you’ll find “Embrace sync to Alert” - which provides you with the information on when was the last time data was sent from your Embrace to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

If the memory of your Embrace is full, your Embrace will flash a yellow cross (four yellow dots). For a detailed guide on how to free up Embrace memory space, please see: What does the Yellow Cross mean?

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