Why doesn’t the Mate app display all of my activity?


In order to provide a real sense of your daily activity we adjusted the Embrace to measure only substantial forms of activity that occur during the day. These are the minimum periods required in order to be recognized as activity by Embrace:

  • Min duration of walking: 5 minutes
  • Min duration of running and other general (low and high) activity: 10 minutes

If you walk 3 minutes around your house you will not see it as ‘walking’ on the graph; however, it will be reflected in the total number of steps you took during that day.

Also, the Mate App might not classify some movement as activity because the intensity of the activity might be much lower than the average threshold. For instance if your activity is very low or you walk slowly the Embrace might not detect it as activity at all, however the steps will still be counted.

Difference between high and low intensity activity

In some cases, Embrace can register your high intensity activity as low if there is not much motion involved. Examples of such activities might be weightlifting or high intensity yoga where high level of exercise intensity does not correspond to the amount of movement required.

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